Real photography

Hello, what lens you have? You shot in RAW? What time did you use? Is full frame? Wow f / 2.8 then makes great pictures !?

The list of questions could even be longer! But really are the issues that make photography or are true and pure values, the numbers contained in the EXIF ​​data that make nice one click? Have you ever seen an exhibition of some famous photographer in which you gave more importance to the numbers rather than the photo?

My answer is absolutely not! In front of every shot I get lost in the composition, which is what makes the photo unique, definitely added to all settings and technical values; The end result, however, is done mainly by the message sending, by the sensations that are contained within it and the history that frame encloses.

Sometimes it is more important how many like receiving or if the photo is over on flickr explore thanks to an algorithm … STOP! An algorithm to determine if a picture can end up on the “front page” mmm … something is wrong !! Presumably this is not really the best way!

Sometimes without too much like too many calculations or without the photo it works because it is able to convey, even to one person, that feeling, that emotion that is personal.